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Internship: NetApp

Working at NetApp throughout the MSBA program has provided me with useful experience that I could never have gotten without an internship. Specifically, it coincided with my marketing first semester. If there's one thing I've learned about the business world, it's that learning the lingo is crucial to keeping up. I've encountered many meetings and/or tasks that involve business jargon and without the knowledge I gained from MSBA classes, I could have been lost just listening. Additionally, my quantitative analysis class sharpened my Excel skills so that I could complete tasks in the office quicker than expected. In turn, my efficiency level impressed my superiors in large part thanks to that specific MSBA course. Lastly, my internship allowed me to explore the many different departments at the office from operations, to finance to HR. My accounting and financial analysis class enabled me to ask the right questions when presented with the opportunity to speak to the heads of these departments. Asking the right questions is key gaining valuable insights into what really goes on in running a company, and it's for these reasons that I am grateful to have had my internship experience. -Amelia Eanes

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