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Frequently Asked Questions

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Admissions Questions

  2.   Who should apply to this program?

All non-business undergraduates seeking to begin a career in a business, government, not-for-profit enterprise or entrepreneur world.  This includes those earning degrees in the liberal arts, economics, math and sciences, engineering, architecture, education, law, and nursing.
3.   What are the main benefits of the Master of Science in Business Analysis

The Master of Science in Business Analysis program will prepare you to begin your career in business, government, not-for-profit administration or start-ups in a more interesting, higher-level, and better-paying job. The graduate will also find that you advance in your career more quickly. It will help you compete with other business majors for that all-important first job. It will also give you a foundation in business that is ethical from the very core, and thus prepare you to exemplify the kind of integrity in leadership that today’s business and government enterprises value.  Inspiration

4.   What are the admissions requirements?

Applicants for the Master of Science in Business Analysis program should be undergraduate seniors or recent graduates, with a non-business major and little or no meaningful work experience. We accept either GRE or GMAT scores. A cumulative GPA of 3.0 or higher is recommended for the program.  Apply Now.
5.   How many credits are needed to complete the program?
The program requires 36 credits or 10 courses and will be completed in two semesters. In addition, students will need to transfer in six credits, 3 in Principles of Management (MGT 323 at CUA) and 3 in Economics (ECON 100, 101 or 102 at CUA).  These pre requisite courses may be taken at a local accredited university or college and are also offered on-line through CUA in the summer. Course of Study.
6.  When should I apply? 
We are accepting applications now for fall 2017.  We are a small program, with a focus on one-on-one attention. To avoid being placed on a waiting list, it is recommended students apply by the published deadlines, the earlier the better.   Apply Now.  
7.   What majors are considered business majors in terms of who can and cannot
      apply for the Master of Science in Business Analysis?
Management, marketing, finance, accounting, international business, and international finance majors would find this degree redundant to their undergraduate degree. Economics majors ARE eligible to apply to the MSBA program.  
8.   Will any business courses I have taken as an undergraduate count towards
Possibly, you are required to transfer in six credits towards the degree.  If you are a CUA undergrad, this would be three credit hours from MGT 323 and three from Econ 100, 101 or 102, (or equivalent if transferred from another school).  Contact the Program Director for confirmation.
Financial Questions 
9.   What is the tuition cost?
Tuition for the program is currently $42,000 for the 2016-17 school year. 
10.   Can I maintain my undergraduate scholarship for the Master of Science in
        Business Analysis?
 No, but your undergraduate scholarship will cover the prerequisite management and economics courses if taken prior to graduation.   
11.   Are there any scholarships available to help defray the cost?

We do not offer scholarships for the program.  It is our belief that our track record of helping students find meaningful and well-paying jobs is worth the price of admission.  Your tuition does cover all textbooks, case studies, course materials, guest speakers, and networking events.  In addition, the program pays all expenses associated with the week long "Career Connections NYC" and the one day "CUA on Wall Street" experiences.

The MSBA program supports a full time Career Development Director and two career coaches who teach our Career Strategy and Development Class and works with individual students to secure internships and jobs.

12.   Does the program offer any internships?
We will offer assistance in finding internships which are a required component of the MSBA curriculum.  Our Corporate Relations Manager and the Program Director will actively work with each student individually to lead them toward a meaningful internship experience.
13.   Is on-campus housing available to the students in the program?
Yes.  There is a limited amount of housing that is available to graduate students.  Contact housing services at for more information. 
General Questions 
14.  What is the difference between the Master of Science in Business Analysis and
        the MSM (Master of Science in Management) offered by CUA’s Metropolitan
        School of Professional Studies?
The Master of Science in Business Analysis is a full time program to be taken immediately upon or shortly after graduation.  The MSBA has an analytical focus on solving business and organizational problems. The M.S.M. program is offered exclusively in the evenings, to working professionals, and focuses on the behavioral, social, and business sciences.
15.  If I take the Master of Science in Business Analysis, will I be able to pursue an
      MBA later on in my career?
Yes. Both degrees focus on preparing you for early success in business, and an MBA can be a useful step three to five years into your career in taking the next step forward.  
16.  Could I combine this master's degree while also undertaking a master’s in
       architecture (or any other discipline at CUA)?
Yes, by adding an extra year to your program.  We will work with your respective schools to design a program that will accommodate the dual curriculum.  We currently have approved programs with the CUA School of Architecture and the Columbus School of Law at CUA.  Contact the Program Director for specific details.
17.   What does the “Analysispart of the Master of Science in Business Analysis
You will be building the skills necessary to analyze a business or organizational problem, making recommendations for solving it, and implementing the solution. Emphasis is placed upon mastering the analytical and interpretive skills necessary to be successful in business. You do not need an advanced mathematical or statistical background, but will need to develop a sense for how business keeps score and how financial measures are used to report performance.
18What are some jobs that would benefit from this degree?
The Master of Science in Business Analysis degree will prepare you for supervisory-level positions in a broad variety of business, marketing, advertising, media, consulting firms, not-for-profit organizations and government agencies.
Employers we have spoken to think this is a great idea. The success of our students in securing good jobs immediately after graduation confirms the benefits of this educational model. Jobs and internships
19.  Could I do this program and then go to law school after it?
The combination of an Master of Science in Business Analysis and J.D. program would be very powerful. We have an approved joint degree with the Columbus School of Law at Catholic University that makes it possible to earn both a JD and MSBA degree in one semester less than if taking both degrees separately. Contact the Program Director for details.
20.  Can the program be pursued part time? 
No. The Master of Science in Business Analysis is an intensive program intended to strengthen teamwork skills among participating students, and is therefore intended to be completed within two semesters or 8 months on a full time basis. We schedule all classes during the afternoons so that students can work in an internship during the mornings.
21.  What type of internship opportunities are available in the D.C. Area?
Our students are able to find excellent internship opportunities in the area.  While we strive to help the students find paid internships, there are also excellent unpaid internships depending on the students area of interest. 
The Greater Washington D.C. area, including Northern Virginia and parts of Maryland, provides a vibrant and growing job market. there are over 2 dozen Fortune 500 Companies with headquarters in the area. Fifty of the top Inc 500 are headquartered in the area. Also listed are the public and private companies located here. A myriad of Government and nonprofit organizations add to a robust job market.



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