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Applying to the MSBA Program


To request information, please let us know who you are.  Contact us through our online form, email Stewart McHie MSBA Program Director, or call 202-319-5433.

Admissions decisions will be made on a holistic basis, considering all aspects of the students academic career, leadership and worklife. A personal or phone interview with the program director and corporate relationship manager will be required.

All candidates are encouraged to submit their application as early as possible to ensure a seat in the program. An application is deemed complete when all 5 steps below are fulfilled. Applicants will be contacted within two weeks of completing the application.


3 Easy Steps to Apply

Step 1:  Submit your online application to the Office of Graduate Admissions by next deadline.   

**Include: Résumé and Statement of Purpose (see below)

Note: Request official undergraduate transcript be sent to CUA when it is available.  All students should upload their unofficial transcripts until official transcripts are available from current or previous university.

This PDF addresses some frequent questions about the application.  If you are experiencing difficulties in submitting your application, please call the Graduate Admissions Office at 202-319-5057 and they will be happy to assist you.

**Current CUA students: In place of your transcript, please upload a Word document with the following: "I am a current CUA student. Transcript on file."

Step 2:  Register for the GRE or GMAT.

**Scores should be sent directly to CUA. Use school code 5104. Leave department code blank.

Step 3:  Plan pre-requisite classes if needed (discuss with Program Director).

Step 4 (for foreign students only):  Submit your TOEFL or IELTS scores to CUA.  International students should also visit for VISA and other requirments.

Statement of Purpose for MSBA Program

Address the following questions in your Statement of Purpose:

1) Why are you interested in applying to the MSBA program at CUA?

2) The MSBA program packs a lot of learning into just one year, and thus will require extensive effort. We are looking for high-energy, hard working, motivated students with leadership skills: what specific evidence can you offer to demonstrate to us that you are such a person? Specifically address past leadership positions.

3) What do you think the contributions of business to society are (or should be), and what specific contributions do you see yourself making in your career?

Prerequisite Courses Required

Two prerequisite courses must be completed before entering the program; Principles of Management and an Economics course.   For CUA students, this would be MGT 223 and [one of] ECON 100,101, or 102.  Juniors and Seniors are encouraged to work these into your regular course schedule prior to graduation.

The courses may also be taken in the summer prior to the start of the program. They can be completed at any accredited school in your area and are also offered on-line through CUA in the summer at a special discount for MSBA students.  

Note: Tuition for prerequisite classes taken in the summer do NOT qualify for federal financial aid. Students are encouraged to try to work these classes into their regular full time academic schedules.

Admissions Decisions

Please note the following application deadlines for the school year 2017/18:

Completed applications should be received by:  2/15/18    4/15/18

Applications received after the deadline will be considered on a space available basis.


Information about tuition and fees can be obtained from the Office of Enrollment Services.

Included in the tuition for the MSBA program are all books, case studies, course supplies and fees.  The program pays all expenses associated with the week long "Career Connections NYC" and the one day "CUA on Wall Street" experiences.

The MSBA program supports a full time Corporate Relations Manager who teaches our Career Strategy and Development Class and works with individual students to secure internships and jobs.



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