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The Master of Science in Business Analysis program at The Catholic University of America is a one-year master's program in business for non-business majors, taken immediately or soon after graduation. Whether you've studied science, technology, engineering, math, or any of the liberal arts, this program is for you.  In this program, you will complete a core curriculum of the necessary language, skills, tools and processes to give your career an accelerated start in business, government, or not-for-profit.

From the first day of the program, you will be coached in preparation for career success and given the necessary skills to land that all-important first job. Our goal is that every student in the program, before graduation, will have an attractive, well-paying job that will be your first step to a successful and honorable career.

Business leaders are seeking honest, hard-working team players—men and women of uncompromising integrity. The Catholic University MS in Business Analysis program is taught in the context of a belief in commerce as service to society, and an unwavering respect for the human person, whether that person be a customer, supplier, employee, or community member, indeed—any member of society. This belief permeates the entire program, and is reinforced inside and outside the classroom.

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Ideal candidates

The Catholic University Master of Science in Business Analysis program is looking for a select few, hard-working students who are committed to serving others: fellow employees, customers, and society at large.

A successful MSBA student does not fit into any single category.  Our students find success on Wall Street, Madison Avenue, in government service, start-ups and the not for profit sector.

Students have Internships during the program to reinforce the lessons from the classroom and build their professional network. The Field Team Study in the second semester gives students a chance to apply all of their knowledge to a real world business problem with companies like Microsoft, Amtrak, City First Bank, Netapp, and several entrepreneurial companies in the greater DC Metro area.

Our full time Career Development Staff works with students one-on-one to help them find good internship experiences and full time jobs upon graduation.  Students also attend a Career Strategy and Development class to hone their professional skills and work with individual professional mentors.

Practical Orientation

The MSBA provides the skills and tools necessary for you to be a successful contributor from the first day of your job. You are taught by an accomplished faculty, many of whom are successful entrepreneurs and executives, and who are passionate about the mission of this program. Many of the courses are taught using the “case method,” which applies the skills you are acquiring to real and specific situations.

Both inside and outside of the classroom you will learn the interviewing, social and networking skills you need to begin and flourish in a successful career. In this effort you will be aided by our very active Business and Economics Department advisory board, a group of CEOs and other senior executives who themselves are passionate about this program. Members of the board will interact regularly with students in this graduate program through guest lectures, social events, and other networking opportunities. Uniquely, each MSBA student is assigned a member of the board as a personal mentor, who will share with you his or her career advice and connections.


While there seems to be general agreement that a spirit of service and respect for human dignity leads to long term success, the challenge is that much of business theory contains within it ideas that at root are in conflict with this spirit—ideas such as: profit maximization above all else; bigger is always better; and that people are mere tools to be used or discarded as needed.

Inspired by Pope Benedict’s recent statements on the economy and education, the Catholic University MSBA overcomes this challenge with a curriculum that is solidly founded on Catholic social teaching, a body of knowledge that provides moral guidance for civic, political, and economic activity. The core principles of this teaching are: solidarity — the firm commitment to the common good; subsidiarity — the recognition that larger institutions and government should not interfere with the legitimate freedom of smaller organizations; and respect for human dignity. The Master of Science in Business Analysis experience provides a thorough immersion into these principles, both in and outside the classroom.

The significance of these principles is evident to all, regardless of religious faith, and therefore the Master of Science in Business Analysis — like all programs at The Catholic University of America — is open to people of any religious background, or none.


 The Inspiration for the CUA MSBA Program

  Pope's address at CUA in 2008

Two events provided inspiration for the creation of the MS in Business Analysis program at CUA. The first was Pope Benedict XVI’s Address to Educators, delivered during his April, 2008 visit to the United States, here on the campus of The Catholic University of America. The second event was the June 29, 2009 release of his encyclical letter on the world economy, Caritas in Veritate (“Charity in Truth”). Both the address and the encyclical provide pointed and relevant guidance as to the content and pedagogy for business programs in general and for our MSBA program in particular.

In his address, the Pope shared his ideas on how educational programs should be structured so that they emphasize the unity of truth and reason. Specifically, he challenged educators to work toward programs that serve the person and community, educate students in the pursuit of truth, relate the mystery of Christ to the mystery of man, instill a respect for justice and respect for God’s creation, and celebrate God’s active presence in human affairs. The MSBA program is designed to meet all of these criteria.
In the 118-page encyclical, the Pope issued a far-reaching commentary on what is good and not so good about current human development, economic development, and civil society. He reminded readers that charity in truth, to which Christ bore witness, is the principal driving force behind authentic human development and is at the heart of Catholic social teaching. This encyclical develops and integrates Catholic social teaching concepts from previous papal encyclicals and other sources and, indirectly, provides guidance for how business degree programs can build upon the concept of business as service to society. Business leaders will be studying and applying the ideas in this encyclical for many years to come, and we expect that MSBA graduates will be at the forefront in this effort.


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